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Look, let's be honest here: who actually wants innovative gaming to be the sole thing on the market? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Because I don't. Don't get me wrong - new IPs can be a good thing, but sequels can be good too. Plus, the last game which I purchased and felt it was truly original was... well, I don't remember.

"Papers Please" would be the most original game I've purchased in about three years - simply because in that time everything else is a spiritual successor or an actual sequel of something before that. Shovel Knight is epic, but it's still very much Megaman, Duck Tales and Castlevania rolled into one gem of a game. Even "Papers Please" harkens back to the puzzle games of yesteryear, albeit in a semi-fast paced manner.

That's the problem - innovation mattered more when gaming was a cult phenomena; but you can argue that X modern company ruined innovation all you like when you can look at our long-winded history and find the pattern much earlier. Nintendo and Sega didn't help get innovation off the ground any more than Microsoft and Sony, or EA or Activision, are accused of doing - countless years of competing franchises and being the top-selling games give us an accurate model of the soulless unthinking consumerism that dominates the market.

We don't want progress. Period. Gaming is no weird exception - the human race as it stands today hates progress. We all want to relive the glory days of yesteryear, and as time marches on, the lust to relive those glory days gets stronger and stronger. The alternative in gaming is that we just want to socialise with our friends, and if that means buying the newest version of a series to do so, so be it.

"True" gamers are just people who see the newer breed as inferior people to justify the fact that they spent or spend a long time playing video games when it wasn't the in thing or games which aren't particularly popular and only have a cult following. It's just another form of social discrimination, just like racism. And to be honest, the real problem is that the so-called "true" gamer tend to have the self-same tastes as the "casual" gamer. Unless you truly haven't purchased anything popular to the average person in the last... eight to ten years now, you've purchased something which a "casual" gamer enjoyed.

Ultimately, any "true" gamer is as guilty as the "casual" gamers - because we all bought into our chosen franchises equally. The only difference between then and now, is the costs and the quantity of releases. So stop acting all high and mighty, people.
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