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So I'm looking for a collection of crossovers because of the one story at the end of said collection which makes reading the entire thing worth it, at least from my opinion. Unfortunately, I have forgotten a) the name of the collection - it's in a single fanfic on so that's not entirely unwarranted and b) the author - since I believe that I consider the lone story at the back of it to be their only worthwhile work. Not 100% sure, but that sounds accurate.

Anyway, running through a few of the author pages considered popular (I recall that this author is popular) and have come across a disturbing amount of stuff saying the following: the author is god descended-from-upon-high and you will bow down and obey if he asks you to. Worse still, THESE are the guys who are the most popular saying this crap. Cult of personalities ahoy! One of them is this guy. Don't believe me? Here's the link to his author page (accurate at time of writing):…

Name: James Daniel Godric Alan Fawkes

Philosophy: For the author to be truly effective, he must seem a god, a god of the world he created. He must seem untouchable, unapproachable, superhuman. An author must be above and beyond; the mysticism surrounding him must be so complete so as to render him ancient and wise, even if he is half the age of his readers. He must be faceless and formless. He must appear to others as gigantic and distant. He cannot allow others to view him as equal, always as better. He must be what his readers strive towards. He must become more than a man; he must become a symbol, become immortal.

I am formless, shapeless, ancient and wise. I am the god of my worlds. You have no face to assign me, no figure or even a definite name. I am an author.

"I am Pride, Envy, and Wrath. I am the Cerberus which guards enlightenment." - James D. Fawkes

"When a fool opens his mouth, he might speak a thousand words and say nothing. When a wise man opens his mouth, he might speak one word and say a thousand things." - James D. Fawkes
Seriously, the fuck is wrong with people? Sure, it sounds like a cool quotable piece, but read it back to yourselves a few time. Then replace the word author with leader... and then re-read it. Does this not sound at all... sinister to this guy? Or anyone else, for that matter?

Similarly, the entire purpose of a kiriban and a livestream for artists seem to be nothing more than "prove yourselves to be a true cult of personality and bow down to my will!" Maybe people do them because they are popular now, but I've been in several livestreams just lurking, because the implications are staggering.

I remember in one, just one I might add, I said that what they were drawing was completely out-of-synch with the entire art-style, and that they had managed to fuck up the proportions of both arms, due to the shape and structure of the shoulders. An artist I am not, but a guy who knows the basic structure of the human body? ... Yeah, I know that structure quite well. The amount of abuse I got from EVERYONE else in the chat in the next five minutes resulted in me just replying with, "Alright, [Artist Name], enjoy the mindless braying of your sheep puppets - I'm going to go do something more useful with my time. Starting with making a nice big dent in my wall..." and then up-and-leaving, no doubt to the sycophants' joy and jubilation.

Is there something wrong with feeling that the hype is just that, hype, and that nothing good comes from it? We've had it with real-life authors (JKRowling in my mind suffered tremendously from this - in hindsight she is not an amazing author and we then piled ontop of that a mountain of expectations which she OF COURSE couldn't meet); real-life musicians with there being too many to count as being dreadful human beings after a while; real-life actors AND directors (Actors include Mike Myers and Directors include M. Night Shyamalan) ; and no doubt a number of real-life artists, though art in the frame of pictures tends to only be something amazing post-mortem.

I just feel that acting like you need to rule Space USSR/ North Korea/ Insert Dictatorship Here on the Internet just shows you to be another one of those cult-clowns who feel the need to declare themselves everything short of and including God if only to justify the stuff they produce as being works of pure genius that we, unwashed humanity, are undeserving of.

Alternatively, EHW is just being a hateful prick who wishes he thought of it first and/or clearly doesn't understand the beauty/ brilliance/ insert inspiring adjective here that Such-and-Such-Sama (because we all need to be Japanese lovers) spreads to our depressing mundane lives.

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